3D Landscape Generator

Published: 20-05-2017web application for landscape generation, order now!

The tasks of the virtual world visualization are an integral part of the modern gaming industry, film and advertising. For the landscape generation there are many different ways that differ in the amount of resources consumed, the complexity of implementation and the end result. Most often, these methods are based on noise functions (Perlin Noise, Value Noise), concept of fractals (Diamond Square), or direct impact on the plane being processed (Hill Method, Fault Method).

Due to the fact that in the free access there are not always tools that are necessary to achieve the desired result, the WEB application was implemented, which is based on the Three.js cross-browser library. This library is based on WebGL - an API for displaying 3D graphics, which is included in all web standards of browsers and can be used with any HTML elements. Also, Three.js allows you to create GPU-accelerated animation, without using proprietary browser plugins, has a fairly voluminous guide and an extensive community, thanks to which you can see all its features in examples. The developed application, besides the choice of the generation method, is equipped with other important functions that will make the scene as close as possible to the solution of the task, and also provide an opportunity to save the result.

The flexible settings block is used to control the display and generation, which consists of five parts:

  • methods — selection of the generation method, map size, number of drawing steps, maximum map height, number of segments, color of the generated landscape;
  • textures and objects — the type of objects added to the surface, the algorithm for distributing objects on the plane, the number and type of textures with which the objects will be covered;
  • sky — lists the settings for the position of the sun and its effect on the objects in the scene;
  • water — regulation of the water level and its color;
  • Import / Export — load a scene from a previously saved file and export the scene to an archive.

The price of current work was 23.000 UAH.

Deadlines 1.5 months.

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